Process Space Art Festival 2018



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Plovdiv, 18-31 May 2018                programmphotos / press

motto: Route 7

Penka Mincheva
Hristina Bobokova
Dimitar Grozdanov

participating artists

In 2018 Process – Space Art Festival will be held in the second largest Bulgarian city Plovdiv.

After two marvellous years in Ruse, the festival gains the ability of expanding, changing place and developing in different ranges.

Plovdiv is one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in Bulgaria. Being selected for European Capital of Culture for 2019, it makes it attractive and interesting for artists, travellers and experimenters to discover its beauty and richness in the cultural development and the social approach.

The motto is “Route 7”, which is somewhat related to one of the longest bus lines passing through the city of the hills. The route starts at Belomorski district, and ends at “Rogoshko Shose” Boulevard, associated with the cemetery park of Plovdiv. This route is one of the longest ones and presents common scenes of life in Plovdiv. It is crossing the city from south to north over Maritsa River and back. On the other hand, the number seven is a symbolical character, from the pre-historical times and can be referred to a number of historical, mystical and numerological facts.

Family Bobokovi
Bulstrad Arena
Prista Oil



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