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logo 25th process space art festival

In 2018 Process – Space Art Festival will be held in the second largest Bulgarian city Plovdiv.

After two marvellous years in Ruse, the festival gains the ability of expanding, changing place and developing in different ranges.


Programm 2018

locations in Plovdiv:
The Mexican House - 11 “Ardin Gidikov” Street
Encho Pironkov House
- 1 “Vasil Kanchev” Street
Georgy Bozhilov–Slona House- 1 “Knyaz Tzeretelev” Street
The City Art Gallery
- 15 “Knyaz Alexander I” Street


18 May (Friday) – Accommodation. Meeting the participants and opening the festival at 18:00 in the Mexican House introducing each other, presenting the history of the city and the program and talking about the goals and the mission of the festival. Dinner.

19 May (Saturday) – 20 May (Sunday) – Distributing materials and showing the work areas to the participants.

21 May (Monday) – 31 May (Thursday) – Working process in the Mexican House and “Encho Pironkov” House where the participants will be able to work outdoors all day in the courtyards of these historical buildings. Visitors are welcome to attend.

21 May (Monday) – 24 May (Thursday) – Workshops from 11:00 at the Mexican House and evening presentations by the participants in each evening from 18:00 in the “Georgi Bozhilov – Slona” House

22 May (Tuesday) – Press conference at Plovdiv City Art Gallery (15 Knyaz Aleksandar I Street) at 10:30. Presentation of participants, some of their projects, the mission and aims of the festival in this edition.

26 May (Saturday) – One day trip to Bachkovo Monastery and Asen's Fortress, south of Plovdiv. Introduction to the Bulgarian history and culture of the region. Departure from the hotel at 10:00 and return at 16:00

30 May (Wednesday) – Presentation of Art Symposium Lomea by Penka Mincheva; discussion about Artist-run spaces and initiatives in the Balkan region by guest with common practices at 18:00 in the Mexican House.

31 May (Thursday) – Opening of the exhibition of the 27th Process – Space Art Festival at 18:00 at the City Art Gallery. Final dinner.

1 June (Friday) – Departure

15 June (Friday) – Opening exhibition of the 27th Process – Space Art Festivalin the Ethnographical Museum in Balchik.

Rowen Foster-cruci[fiction
Rowen Foster-cruci[fiction
June 15 - June 30 2017
Exhibition of the 26th festival at Canetti House
June 10 (Saturday)
Performance in elevator. Conceptual acoustic music for elevators with accordion, double bass and violin by 555 Gabelstaplerfahrer: Charlotte Scheer, Robert Porth, Daniel Sitbon Germany (18:00-19:00) Hotel Riga

Evening presentation / Canetti House (19:00)
Magnús Logi Kristinsson Iceland / Finland
Didier Mahieu Belgium
Wendimagegn Belete Ethiopia / Norway

Gonul-Nuhoglu-2015-photo: M. 13 December 2016 (Tuesday) 18:00 - Exhibition "Safety Pin" - two editions; Highlights from Process - Space 2016 and Selected video and performance art from the past 25 festivals at the Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - 6 Shipka St., 3rd floor, Sofia
Gönül Nuhoglu 2015 (detail)  
  06.07.2016 (Wednesday) 18:00 - Exhibition "25 Artworks and 7 images" - Ethnographical Museum, Balchik
Opening at Union of Artists Ruse 2016 14 June 2016 (Tuesday) 18:00 – Exhibition opening with works from the 25th festival at the Gallery of the Union of Russe Artists, 6 Borisova St. (till 28 June)
Canetti House Ruse 12 June 2016 (Sunday) 18:00 – Exhibition opening with works from the 25th festival at Canetti House Russe, 12 Slavyanski Blvd. (till 28 June)

28 May 2016 (Saturday) 18:00 – Opening of the retrospective exhibition 25 years Process–Space Art Festival – Canetti House Russe (till 8 June)
Ivitation card Retrospective Exhibition Tarnovo 2016 22 April 2016, 18:00 – Opening of the retrospective exhibition 25 years Process – Space Art Festival at the exhibition halls “Rafael Michaylov”, 1 Rafael Michaylov St., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. (till 15 May 2016)